What is landscape art?

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What is landscape art?

February 05, 2019

What is landscape art?

Landscape art focuses on painting the artist’s natural surrounding, ie mountains, fields and trees.

In this article, we’ll give you everything you need to know to try this style of painting.

There are two different types of landscape art

Even though you’re painting nature, landscape art allows you to create pieces which portray how you see the forests, cliffs and valleys you’re working from.

Some artists choose to go for classic, realistic paintings which depict exactly how the view is seen by the naked eye, however some will choose to paint abstract art, which is much more detailed and creates a deeper sense of meaning.

Popular abstract painters are Aboriginal artists of Australia, who pay attention to the smallest detail when recreating nature on canvas.

Where is landscape art created?

Landscape art can be created from both photographs or plein air, which is French for ‘in the open air’. Many artists prefer to paint plein air as the scenery is right there, making it much easier to become immersed within the painting and pick up on the tiniest of detail.

Working from photographs has its benefits too as artists are able to use various photos to create composite landscapes, and there’s no worries about the weather!

Painters can also work from sketches, which has its benefits when creating abstract art. Artists may take a quick sketch when out and about, then return home to develop it further.

Why is landscape art better than just keeping a photograph?

There are many reasons why the camera will never quite beat the standard of the human eye. Landscape art allows the artists to take their surroundings in and process them through the mind to create the perfect image of different hues and tones.

Abstract artists who see the scenery in a different light are able to change the colour scheme and texture around them and elements can be rearranged to produce a painting that is much more pleasing to the eye.

Landscape art is used to capture the imagination of an individual, which could never be done with a camera.