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The Art of Choice | Browse Modern Wall Art, Abstract Paintings & More at Paintings Online

July 04, 2024

The Art of Choice | Browse Modern Wall Art, Abstract Paintings & More at Paintings Online

Welcome, art enthusiasts and home décor aficionados! Walls are more than just dividers in a space; they are canvases waiting to be adorned with stories, emotions, and beauty. In this comprehensive guide, we embark on a journey exploring the captivating world of wall paintings, specifically delving into modern wall art, abstract paintings, and the unique charm of handmade paintings, particularly handmade oil paintings. Whether you're a seasoned collector or just beginning your art exploration, this blog is your one-stop shop for discovering the perfect piece to bring your walls to life.

Exploring the World of Wall Art

The world of wall art is a vast and vibrant landscape, offering something for everyone. Here are some popular styles to consider:

Modern Wall Art

Embracing clean lines, minimalist aesthetics, and bold colors, modern wall art adds a touch of contemporary sophistication to any space. Explore geometric shapes, abstract interpretations, and captivating photography that complements modern or minimalist design themes.Link The Dots “is a wonderful modern abstract art piece for urban interior settings. Splashed layers of dots in different colors are creating a masterful effect for the viewer. 

Abstract Paintings

Abstract art allows for boundless creativity and personal interpretation. These captivating pieces offer a unique way to engage with color, form, and texture, sparking emotions and igniting conversations. Whether you prefer the bold strokes of abstract expressionism or the meditative qualities of color field painting, abstract art injects a touch of intrigue and depth into your space.

Thick layers and fusion of powerful colors are making “Atomic Scent “instantly impressive for the viewer. Amazing abstract with shadowy, yet impactful way of showing the artist perspective.

Figurative Art

For those who appreciate realistic portrayals, figurative art offers a celebration of the human form, nature, or everyday objects. features a diverse range of figurative art, from captivating portraits to serene landscapes, adding a touch of realism and narrative to your walls.

“Floating Position” from Paintingsonline An original figurative wall part that is painted based on a dream. Floating and flying shape flows through this grey based painting. Depth that leaves a lot of room for thinking and interpreting.

Landscape Paintings

Bring the beauty of nature indoors with stunning landscape paintings. From serene mountain vistas to captivating seascapes, these pieces offer a sense of tranquillity and evoke a connection to the natural world. 

“Rainy Autumn Lights” Nature landscape art in its finest form, this time displaying the unique beauty of the rain in autumn nights. The painting masterfully has 2 sides, one ultra-blue one representing the clear sky and ocean, and other warmer side representing the park and lights that add special warm tones. Perfect for the lovers of nature inspired art.  

Pop Art

Inject a touch of playful energy with pop art. Featuring bold colors, iconic imagery, and a celebration of popular culture, pop art adds a vibrant and conversational element to any space.

“Master Froda” Crazy, yet cool, this is a pop art canvas painting that will spread exquisiteness anywhere. A truly modern painting featuring a unique character with one of the biggest glasses you'll see on a frog.

The Enchantment of Handmade Paintings: A Touch of Artistry for Your Walls

There's a certain magic to handmade paintings. Each stroke of the brush embodies the artist's vision, skill, and unique perspective. At, we champion the artistry of handmade paintings, offering a curated collection of works by talented artists from around the globe.

Benefits of Handmade Paintings: 

  • Uniqueness: Each handmade painting is one-of-a-kind, adding a touch of individuality and exclusivity to your décor.
  • Investment Potential: Handmade paintings by established artists can appreciate in value over time.
  • Supporting Artists: By purchasing a handmade painting, you directly support the livelihood and creative endeavours of talented artists.
  • Emotional Connection: The human touch evident in handmade paintings can evoke deeper emotions and create a more personal connection with the artwork.

The Allure of Handmade Oil Paintings: A Timeless Tradition

Handmade oil paintings represent a time-honoured tradition, offering a depth of color and texture unmatched by other mediums. The meticulous layering of oil paints creates vibrant hues, subtle shadows, and a captivating three-dimensional quality.

Why Choose Handmade Oil Paintings: 

  • Rich Colors and Textures: Oil paints offer a vibrant spectrum of colors and a unique ability to capture light and shadow, creating a depth and texture unmatched by other mediums.
  • Durability: When properly cared for, handmade oil paintings can last for centuries, becoming cherished heirlooms passed down through generations.
  • Investment Value: Oil paintings by renowned artists hold significant value and can appreciate considerably over time.

Finding the Perfect Artwork: A Guide to Selecting Wall Art for Your Home

With a vast array of styles and artists to choose from, the task of selecting the right wall art can seem daunting. Here are some tips to guide you:

  • Style Preference: Do you gravitate towards the clean lines of modern art, the evocative nature of abstract paintings, or the calming beauty of landscapes? Consider your personal taste and choose a style that resonates with you.
  • Color Scheme: Think about the existing color palette of your space. Choose artwork that complements your existing décor or opt for a statement piece that creates a bold contrast.
  • Size and Scale: Ensure the artwork is proportionally suited to the wall it will adorn. Consider the size of the room and choose a piece that creates a balanced and visually appealing composition.
  • Budget: Set a realistic budget for your artwork purchase. offers a wide range of price points, ensuring you find a piece that fits your financial comfort zone.

Making Your Vision a Reality: Buying Artwork from

At, we are passionate about connecting art enthusiasts with captivating artwork. We offer a curated selection of wall paintings, encompassing a variety of styles, from modern wall art and abstract paintings to handmade paintings and handmade oil paintings. That’s why is your ideal destination for buying artwork: